On November 11, during the debut Cold Waves LA event at the Regent Theater, an amazing thing happened onstage. Chris Christian, a long-time industrial music fan, DJ and label owner, donated $5000 to our cause, along with a challenge to fellow Cold Waves and DB4D supporters: if we raise an additional $5000 through contributions to our page, Chris would match it with yet another $5000!

This act alone could match our entire 2017 fundraising efforts. Chris, like us, has been touched by suicide and has pledged to help us with our plan to bring support, safety and resources to our brothers and sisters in the nightlife, bar, and arts and entertainment industries.

As of Friday December 29 2017, we have raised $280 of our $5000 goal. We will update this page weekly as we invite you to help contribute anything you can to help us in our efforts by clicking the paypal link below.

Not familiar with exactly who we are and what we do? Click here to learn more about Darkest Before Dawn.

See Chris make his onstage donation pledge and challenge here

Darkest Before Dawn is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization recognized by the IRS